The Evolution Of Business: Growing And Scaling Your Retail Company!

May 10, 2019
The Evolution Of Business: Growing And Scaling Your Retail Company!
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Steve Jobs (Apple) started in a garage..

Hewlett Packard (HP) started in a garage..

Wholesale Universe, Inc. started in a 3rd story 2 bedroom apartment..

You aren't going to have it all overnight, and that's exactly how the process is supposed to work!

If you were given everything your heart desired overnight, chances are, you wouldn't know how to keep it, grow it, or help others with what you do have. 

There is a reason that great companies takes years, even DECADES to establish and grow..

The one things they all have in common? 

Being consistent and persistent with their intentions of serving others and continuing to grow in a healthy and sustainable manner!

So, as you're going through your journey, understand that:

  • Success takes time and ENORMOUS effort. 
  • Growing pains are a part of the process. 
  • "Rome wasn't built in a day"
  • You must keep pushing at ALL costs!
  • Remember your "Why"
  • Failure doesn't mean defeat!

This journey in life is already hard enough, so don't be too hard on yourself if you aren't getting where you want to be fast enough. 

As we discuss in the video below, it took us YEARS of doing the same thing day after day to get where we are.

There were times when we got frustrated, and I let that frustration derail me from enjoying the journey and process that I was on. 

The one thing you can NEVER get back is your time, so accept that it won't all be in the palm of your hand overnight, and learn to smell the roses along the way!


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