Not Doing This Could Put You Out Of Business ☠️

February 01, 2023
Not Doing This Could Put You Out Of Business ☠️
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When we tell people they should be diversifying their business, often times we get a negative response in return. 

There are so many people who have a "Favorite" platform to sell on, and they've essentially put "all their eggs in the same basket."

This is wreckless and dangerous for your business.. Let me explain why..

For years we were ridiculed for being both a wholesale and a retail company. 

Our peers in business, and even people we didn't know told us to focus on one aspect or we'd "never truly be successful."

We always respectfully disagreed and kept pressing forward with our diversification plan. 

Then came 2020.. Remember that year?

Everything in the world shutdown..

Trucks weren't delivering, our suppliers were barely open, and we were having to drive across the entire country just to pick up our own pallets. 

It was a scary time, and we didn't know what was next.. Remember Ryan having to take a Penske truck to Illinois? 

Wholesale became virtually non-existent overnight.. 

You know who never closed though??






And other eCommerce platforms! 

Quarantine didn't stop anyone from buying online, as everyone was working from home and still earning a paycheck. 


It did stop them from going to the stores, and this only helped fuel the eCommerce boom!


Thankfully, we had diversified and were on Amazon and Poshmark with products already listed and ready to sell. 

Being positioned in the online retail space was the best thing that ever happened to us. 

We still sell wholesale, but we make WAYYY more profit selling retail online ourselves. 

When we saw how quickly we could be taken down in one area of our business, we learned to diversify even further. 

We mainly sold on Amazon and had a few items on Poshmark, but then decided to go ALL IN on Poshmark.. 

Doing this changed our entire business. 

We went from one solid stream of retail sales to now having two!

We learned Poshmark, grew on their platform, and now are one of their highest grossing accounts they have. 

When we tell you to diversify, it's not just to sound like we know what we're talking about..

WE LIVED IT, and we want you to NEVER go through a scary moment without being correctly positioned. 

Had we not been selling retail, we would have surely went out of business. 

Preparing for years beforehand by diversifying our business was the difference between us either closing the doors or shooting into the stratosphere. 

With that being said, I am pleading with you to diverify to the Poshmark platform. Let me give you 189,000+ reasons why..

If you don't know Poshmark, that's ok! We can help you!

We have a program called "Poshmark Business In A Box" where we will literally teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about selling on Poshmark using the same designer products we have available at Wholesale Universe. 

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The program is normally $2,997

However, we are offering a $500 discount on the program if you join today!

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We look forward to helping you diversify your retail sales and put more money in your bank account!

If you have questions about joining, now is the time to ask. 

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