Running 3 Miles In The Marines Is Like Running A Business..

May 05, 2019
Running 3 Miles In The Marines Is Like Running A Business..
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In the Marine Corps, we had to take a fitness test twice a year that consisted of running 3 miles in a timely manner, along with other strength and conditioning tests..

These tests determined ultimately whether you were promoted to the next rank, given more leadership, and got a pay raise. 

In order to prepare for these fitness tests, we had to train daily with our platoon in order to make sure we performed the best we could not only on fitness test day, but EVERY day!

Little did I know how the skills and lessons taught in the Marine Corps for preparing to run 3 miles would translate to the business world. 

Here are a few examples of how running 3 miles is like running a business:


 1-Stretching (preparing) for the workout is an ABSOLUTE MUST!


Without stretching, you risked tearing a muscle, catching a cramp, and not being able to train for the physical fitness tests. 

If you dizdn't train, you surely weren't going to get a high enough score to be within standards that that the Marine Corps set, and you weren't going to be looked at for promotion. 

Preparing your body and mind before the task ever starts is crucial to your success. 

If we were running 3 miles, I didn't need to stretch my arms or neck, I needed to stretch my legs. 

Same applies to your business!!

You don't walk in on Monday morning without having stretched or prepared for your week of running (work). 

You surely don't want to plan for the wrong type of work, just as we didn't want to stretch our arms for a leg workout. 

Use your time to prepare wisely, and don't take it for granted. 

If you don't prepare, you won't even make it to the test.

What are these tests in business?

They are promotions, big deals, contracts, closes, phone calls with larger clients, customer interaction, etc. 

As the old Cialis commercial would say, "When the moment's right, will you be ready?"


2- Run MORE than what you're training for!


Now, you might say, "Ryan, that's crazy.", and I would agree. 

However, it takes a crazy individual to hit goals as large as you are wanting to hit!

So when we trained for our 3 mile tests, we ran 5, 8, 10, and 12+ miles at a time to prepare!


Because when it comes time to run 3 miles, that's sometimes 50% less or more of a workload than what we are used to!!

We trained to do so much more, so we could easily crush our targets and goals at hand. 

This gave us mental confidence in what we were doing and allowed us not to be intimidated by a 3 mile run, as we had already experienced the harsh reality of a 5-10 mile run. 

In business, you have to know your limits, and break through the barriers holding you back. 

If you're used to making 50 calls per day, you have to start making 75-100..

If you're used to closing 1 deal per day, you have to start learning how to close 2-4 deals per day. 

If you're used to listing 15 items on Amazon per day, you have to start figuring out a process that will allow you to list 45-60 items on Amazon in the same day. 

No worries, we will go over this in the next section! I won't tell you how to do it without showing you what we did in the Marine Corps. 

Just know this: If you train to do more than is expected of you, you're bound to exceed expectations, and break records. 

If you just train to run 3 miles in business, and something breaks along the way, or the wind is blowing in your face, you may not hit your target because you don't know how much you can REALLY do!

Don't stop when you're tired. Stop when you're DONE!


3- Evaluate your progress after the run, and find out how you can better improve!


When we finished a run, there were always a “De-Brief” after the workout.

We all took turns and discussed our strengths, our weaknesses, and how we could not only better perform as an individual, but as a team.

This helped with holding not only ourselves accountable, but our peers accountable as well.

The workout wasn’t just about the individual. It was about the team and how we could collectively come together as a whole to strengthen ourselves and those around us that we served with.

Business is about the team, the client, and how you can get better daily to serve and make the world a better place.

So, when you find yourself going “internal” during “the run in business”, make sure to follow these 3 steps, and prepare upfront, do more than required, and follow up with your team on what could be better executed next time.

If you do this daily, weekly, and monthly, your business and ability to “Run longer distances” will come at ease.

You will be surprised at what you can put yourself through physically and mentally when you approach a workout and business from this perspective.

Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you!

These lessons have helped me, and I guarantee they can help you as well!

Keep pushing and serving! You’ve got this, and I believe in you!


Ryan Nichols


Wholesale Universe, Inc.

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