How To Effectively Turn "Slower Moving" Inventory!

May 06, 2019
How To Effectively Turn "Slower Moving" Inventory!
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No matter what you sell, there will eventually be "Slower Moving" Inventory..
Whether you're buying from a supplier like us, or you create your own brand, at some point, there is inventory that you will need to find an alternate platform/audience to sell with.
So, here are a few ways we would recommend selling slower moving inventory, and exactly how we do this as well.
Selling retail isn't always easy, or fast, but selling retail is VERY profitable if you allow it to be!
Don't be discouraged by slower moving inventory.
Use it as a means to find new customers and a new audience that you never realized was available to you.
Every large retailer has "liquidation sales" where they turn their slower moving inventory, and they advertise about them as well.
Why wouldn't you be doing the same?
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