3 Components Of A Successful Reseller..

May 04, 2019
3 Components Of A Successful Reseller..
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Reselling can be a difficult experience for some.


There’s the ups and downs, the shortage of money and products.


There’s the uncertainty of sales without certainty of paying bills.


If you feel that way, then STOP, and let us help you.


We’ve been reselling for 5+ years, and I promise you it gets easier!


Buttttttt, you do have to grow and make changes to your business if you want to stop “spinning your wheels”.


You need:


1- A plan


What do you want to sell?


Why do you want to sell it?


What’s your targets you must hit?


What are the goals you wish to attain?

These are all solid questions you need to ask yourself and figure out before completely moving forward. 

Once you find our the answers to these questions, reverse engineer what it's going to take in order to get where you want to be. 


After you reverse engineer the work REQUIRED to get where you want to be, you have a simple decision to make after that:

Do I want to do the work required to attain my targets and goals, or do I not want to do the work required?

If the answer is yes, the press forward and start achieving what you set out to do. 

If the answer is no, then go back to the drawing board, and re-structure your goals and targets with commitments and requirements that you can maintain. 


This simple process will help you get where you want to be. 


Plain and simple, if you aren't willing to do the work required, you won't ever hit the goal. 

So start with what you know you can attain, and grow from there. 


2- Great products.


There’s millions upon millions of great products out there, and so much money and profit to be made.


Find a product that suits you well, and stick to crushing online sales with them.


We can help with that! We have THOUSANDS of pallets available.


👉 www.WholesaleUniversePage.com


Finding great products that you enjoy selling won't always happen on the first run. 


In 2012/2013, I started out selling makeup in Southern California when I was an Active Duty Marine. 

It didn't take long before I found out that make-up wasn't my "thing", and I no longer wanted to sell make-up. 

Not that make-up didn't sell, I just didn't enjoy selling it, and couldn't find the common ground needed to sell it. 

From there, I switched to handbags, then bedding, then shoes and clothing. 

We now sell supplements, jewelry, and many more items, but it all came with trials and testing what worked best for not only the market, but with us as well. 


3- A support system/training.


There’s so much training online that you can find nowadays.


You’ve got Facebook, YouTube, Google, and many other search engines that can bring great value to your business.


One thing we offer is FREE training, and a FREE training group.


You can enroll in our training here👉 Https://WholesaleUniverseInc.com


Also join our Wholesale Universe Training Group on Facebook as well.


We want to help you become successful, and are more than certain we can do just that.


What do you need help with in your retail business, and how can we best serve you?


Ryan Nichols


Wholesale Universe, Inc. 

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